Wednesday, February 12, 2014

On cupcakes, Olympics and patience

She said the soup smelled like Christmas. Then we made some cupcakes with toasted coconut icing. They kept poking each other while we watched the Olympics. We ran out of patience at the same time.


Penny said...

Oh I know that feeling well - being out of patience with the poking, in any form.

Those cupcakes are beautiful. I hope they helped with the annoyance factor! :) I'd love to know your recipe if the mood ever struck you to post it.

Catherine said...

Penny, I just winged it. It's a basic vanilla cupcake recipe (I used a mix of kamut flour and unbleached white) and the icing is softened butter, confectionner sugar (organic), vanilla and lots roasted coconut. They were yummy!

Penny said...

I bet they were! I can't wait to try the frosting - yum!

Thanks for writing back Catherine :)