Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I wonder if, ten years from now, I'll remember the details of this day the way I remember the details of the day they were born. 
I can't believe ten years have gone by.
When I look at them, I see the babies and the young women. 

It blows my mind in the best possible way.

Our friend Steph made the girls the most beautiful sewing kit for our next trip. They were delighted!
Mara received a violin (we were renting one from our friends and we decided to get her a bigger one). She was so proud! We are still looking for a good quality portable piano for Aïsha (at a decent price).


Penny said...

Happy birthday to your delightful young women. They are strong, and beautiful, and so lovely in every way.

What a 10 years you have given them! Thanks to you, all of you, for sharing it here.

Joy to them always!

Catherine said...

Thanks so much, Penny. That's so sweet of you! Thank you for being here and taking the time to leave a comment often!

mamamajuly said...

Tes filles sont magnifiques et rayonnantes!

Catherine said...

Merci mamamajuly!!

isabelle said...

Oui joyeux anniversaire à Mara et aïsha ces belles jeunes filles que tu accompagnes si bien et que tu sais magnifier avec ton appareil photo.
D'ailleurs Je t'imagine souvent derrière ton appareil photo ;))

J'en profite pour te dire que tu nous tiens en haleine, Quand vas tu nous dévoiler vos prochains périples ?

Je t'embrasse

Joanna said...

bonnes fêtes les pitchounes! quel beau kit steph a fait! WOWWW

ahoy.jenni said...

What beautiful girls! I mean young women! Happy birthday to them. My Matilda is 10 too, it is a wonderful age. (the cards they were reading look just gorgeous, beautiful pictures)It is a delight to see your life! And I hope it is getting warmer for you...we are definitely getting signs of autumn, time to build up the wood pile.

Elke said...

Bonne fête girls! Chilli has a happy birthday song that she is going to record and send to you, followed by a very belated package when it FINALLY arrives :) xxxx

Catherine said...

Thank you friends! Merci les amies!
It's snowing here again this morning... Sigh...

isabelle said...

Venez vivre en France ! le printemps est là depuis déjà longtemps.
je blague car nous autres aimerions bien aller vivre aux uSA....le temps est meilleur mais la vie difficile

Catherine said...

Ah, Isabelle, c'est pas l'envie qui manque parfois! Mais je sais qu'on se sentirait bien isolé avec nos choix de vie!

Et puis, pour ce qui est de vous tenir en haleine, j'aimerais bien annoncer nos plans, mais ils ne cessent de changer! Quand ce sera enfin définitif, je me ferai une joie d'en parler ici!

Francesca said...

happy birthday to your beautiful girls!