Sunday, January 19, 2014

On hats and wings

I am sorry if my post from yesterday worried some of you. This winter is quite hard on me. I suffer from SAD big time and our re-entry after 2 years of traveling has been hard. Harder still is the lingering stress that comes with the fluctuating income of freelancing.

We have big dreams and tons of plans, but those might have to wait. We have tough decisions to make right now. We will try to see them as the next leg in our adventure. Even if for now, they feel more like a detour.

There are many possibilities right now. Like as many hats that I keep trying on. The problem is: none of them fit. And they are all ugly.
I didn't want a hat. I wanted wings.

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Sarah-Our Island Home said...

I hope things work themselves out for you soon. Sending love your way, Sarah

Anonymous said...

I swear I saw a hat that had fabulous wings on it. If you find it, see if there is an extra one. We lost a wing somewhere and, well, it is still missing.

Catherine said...

So sweet, Kristin! Thanks!

And Sarah, thanks a lot. I sure hope so too!

Sonia said...

Haaa ça me touche ça ma chère Catherine ! ! Je vous souhaite un beau dénouement !

Tu pourrais aussi offrir tes services de photographe !! :P

À très bientôt !

Francesca said...

I hope you find that hat with fabulous wings Kirstin mentioned above.
PS I already wrote this, but I love your writing and style lately.

Joanna said...

moi aussi cath je vais visualiser le chapeau avec des ailes pour vous.

mon associée a eu une autre idée (chèque tes emails) et ca pourrait p-e marcher.

le laurier cottage pourrait tjrs ê une option aussi.

donnez moi des news dès que vous en avez.

bisous !!!