Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ski outing

Last week, we discovered the perfect spot for cross-country skiing right by our house.  (It's free and there is nobody there, even on Saturdays!! Shhh!). The temperature was finally decent enough to go skiing today and, as the girls had been asking to go skiing for the last two weeks, we expected it to be a great outing. 

I don't know if you remember learning to cross-country ski, but I sure do. There is a lot of falling, slipping backward while you try to climb hills, learning to walk like a penguin and struggling to get up the slightest of hills.  Add to that the biting wind, the frozen toes and fingers and the parents who lose their cool (hey, we are human!) and you've got yourself a memorable experience.

Well, against all odds, I truly enjoyed gliding on the fresh snow. I love opening the trail in front, when you cannot even see the elevation because of the perfect whiteness. It was meditative. Well, for five minutes. But, hey, I'll take all the meditation I can find.
 :: Five minutes before the big meltdown ::


Anonymous said...

I love the "before the big melt down" shot. WE've been there many times before... but aren't those first 5 minutes wonderful?
Catherine, you probably didn't see the comment Marisa Whyte left on my blog after yours--she wanted to introduce us! I think it is so funny! I was actually planning on sending her a link to your site because I knew she would love your photography!!

Catherine said...

I know! Isn't it funny? Such a small world!!