Thursday, January 2, 2014

What Christmas brought

We are not quite ready to see our tree go... We cherish the moments spent beside it, reading, knitting and snuggling by the fireplace... all the while enjoying the new toys that Christmas brought.

 Some serious fun with K'nex!
 Great crafty gifts from Artterro.
A great board game: Dixit (thanks so much for all your great suggestions on my board game post!)

And this awesome labyrinth wooden balance board.

He went running 14 km on the icy/bumpy trails at -23! When he still wasn't back an hour after darkness had fallen, I was a bit worried since I knew he hadn't brought a headlamp. I was quite happy to see him walk into the house, even if he looked like that!


Francesca said...

traditionally, we take our tree down on the epiphany, which is the last festivity of the Christmas time celebrations.
great gifts for the girls!

Andréann said...

Des amis ont Dixit et j'ai adoré joué! Les images sont tellement jolies et je gagne à tout coup!

Catherine said...

Same here, Francesca... and it will be the same this year!

Oui, Andréann, les images sont magnifiques!

HErbes said...

On a presque donner le labyrinth balance board nous aussi cette année mais il était trop tard pour le commander...lutins de dernières minute que nous sommes.
Est ce que les filles l'aiment?Ça me paraissait vraiment génial !
Bonne nouvelle année à ta belle famille!

Catherine said...

Oui, elles l'adorent!