Sunday, September 9, 2012

From woolens to bathing suits in 2 days!

:: Warm tea for cold mornings in Northern BC/De la tisane chaude pour les matins froids dans le nord de la Colombie-Britannique ::
:: Beaumont Provincial Park ::
:: Mathilde has a great project: she collects seeds everywhere we go and will plant a travel garden when we come back! How sweet! ::
:: Mathilde a un très beau projet : elle ramasse les graines partout où on va et elle plantera un jardin de voyage à notre retour! Quelle belle idée! ::
:: And it is summer again! Yeah! ::
:: Et c'est de nouveau l'été! Yé! ::


renee @ FIMBY said...

So Catherine, this is totally crazy but this post make me want to go - somewhere. And I'm just getting settled and happy to do so. I love all the beauty of the area you have been traveling - thank you for sharing that with us.

Catherine said...

It's not crazy at all. I totally relate to that feeling of loving to feel settled and wanting to go on an adventure at the same time...