Thursday, March 20, 2014

Right now: Spring skiing and love

She pulled out her traveling machine plan at breakfast and said: “Where would you want to go this morning, mama? Utah, Costa Rica or Italy?” “Costa Rica, for sure!” I answered without hesitation, watching outside the window as more snow fell from the sky. 

But we grabbed our skis and went outside. 

After a mere kilometer, we both fell in the heavy sticky snow that made backcountry skiing so hard for her and laughed our hearts out. Then, she asked about life on other planets and oxygen and why our heart beats faster when we exercise. In the same breath, she said: “It might look like winter, but it smells like spring in the forest, mama.” 

I turned towards her and said: “You know, there is nowhere I’d rather be but here with you, sweetheart.” And we both smiled in the wet embrace of Mother Earth. Fully present. Fully alive.


ahoy.jenni said...

I know you are longing for spring, but you are so lucky to have such defined seasons!
It is autumn here and we had such a hot sticky day yesterday (I'm not complaining I love the heat), but I am sure the heat is moving your way...Do you usually have so much snow still in early spring? It is a bit unusual for us to have this heat in early autumn, I mean its real beach weather heat. A bit strange..

Catherine said...

Yes, I love the four seasons, but this winter has been hard. Really hard. Not much sun, tons of snow and ice and yes, we have much more snow than usual at this time of year. I wish we could change place for a week!

Joanna said...

C est beau ce moment juste à vous deux! J étais intriguée par. Ton message de bubling fountain... tu me raconteras?